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Trick or Treaters Will be Eaten Alive - Halloween T-Shirt



I have to say, I do love the wee rascals, but I couldn't eat a whole one..!!! Bwahaha!! 

If you want to be left alone, not only on Halloween itself, but also in the weeks running up to it, then answer your door wearing this t-shirt. Message received loud and clear.

Here's the serious part - as with all good blood-baths, the blood spatters on each t-shirt will be completely random and may not match these photos. (However the blood will only be on the front of the t-shirt and on the sleeves, again, as with all good blood-baths.)

100% Cotton T-Shirt in grey. But as we always say, if you want this in ANY other colour, then please just let us know using the contact us form what you'd like and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen. Mens and Ladies sizes available.

Please check for your correct size in our Sizing Guide.

Please note that the 'ladies' T-Shirts are so called because they are 'fitted' and not the loose fit of the mens.

If you would like this T-Shirt or print in other colours, please feel free to contact us and we'll email you a mock-up of what it would look like.