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Custom Printing


We get a lot of requests for t-shirts and hoodies for specific events, for example birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, hen and stag nights, or even simply because. Just to let you all know that this is no problem, and of course, they can be personalised :)

We can print any wording*, in any print colour, on any colour of hoodie or t-shirt that is available to us.

Please just contact us here letting us know what colours, text styles and wording you want, and we’ll come up with a mock-up for you to have a look at.

If the colours or lettering aren’t do-able, we will let you know. For example, you may see a font that you like but if it's too intricate, our cutters wouldn't be able to replicate it. Click HERE for a list of available colours.

*{Obviously, there will be phrases, words and slogans that we will refuse to print on moral or ehtical grounds, so please be aware of that before asking.}

Just email us with the following info:

1 - Colour of t-shirt or hoodie

2 - Colour of text, and the wording itself

3 - Font (if you know the name, or give us an idea of what you'd like)

4 - Whether you want just front, just back, or both printed (price is more for 2-sided printing)

We'll then get back to you as quickly as we can.